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Catching up with Ronny Riise from Norway

This week, we had a catch up with Ronny Riise who runs a coaching and guiding business God-Tur.no in Bergen, Norway surrounded by beautiful paddling areas.
Ronny has paddled since a child but a trip to Honduras, fishing amongst the Mangrove trees really inspired him. One thing that comes through from talking to Ronny and can be seen in his guiding is his love of connecting with the outdoors. He says "Being in the outdoors is still the main reason why I paddle. The discoveries, smells, colours, the taste of salt and the complex taste of sea weed gives me experiences I truly love". Through his business, he enjoys sharing this passion with others, introducing some to a whole new world they can get hooked on!
Ronny's top tip is simply to make your paddling as enjoyable as you can. Avoid doing things you don't like, don't make things hard for yourself and seek advice if something doesn't work. My own experiences from my paddling rang true when Ronny said "Find coaches you can relate to and in whom you trust, they will let you grow. But hold on to the ownership and make it your own journey"
Ronny's essential piece of kit? Well there are two - his 4 piece crank 650 which for Ronny is the key to performance (also ideal for travelling to the many international symposiums he works at Combined with his beloved Romany Surf , Ronny says these are key items to enhance his skills.
Ronny also runs a paddle festival www.padlefestival.no

Post updated 
May 15, 2020