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Great review of the Karitek Easy Load Roof Rack

We've received this great review of the Karitek Easy Load Roof Rack System from Colin McWilliams, our head coach at the MidWest Sea Kayak Symposium.

Thanks Colin!

Colin's review

"I’m a little bloke and without doubt KARITEK’S EASY LOAD SYSTEM has allowed me to get my sea kayaks to wherever they needed to be over the last eight years or so. No fuss, no hassle, no assistance needed. Sea Kayaks, Top- Of-The-Van …. EEEEEEASY LOADING.

Now I have a car and of course a KARI-TEK EASY LOAD SYSTEM still sits on top of the rails. This is why:

My vehicle change triggered a pre-KARITEK trip down memory lane:

• Sea kayaks huffed and puffed onto roof bars followed by cross eyed realisation: the outer boat has to come back off because I can’t get the strap through the upright eye with two boats one side of the upright:

No longer happens.

• After all that huffing and puffing to get sea kayaks onto roof bars in the first place…. an unbelievable amount of strap flicking and car clambering still needed to secure boats to bars: No longer happens.

• Crumbs, the two broken wing mirrors resulting from turning to chat before securing said boats to said bars… after all that huffing and puffing: No longer happens.

• The increased huffing and puffing due to merrily staggering tippy toed to lift my boat the extra 10cm needed to get it over the bottom of the J Bars I’d just purchased: No longer happens.

In the end I ditched the J’s. They were just too much hassle and it was taking two of us to load the car comfortably.

Sixty one years old this year: got rid of the van to make life easier. Sixty one years old this year: held onto the KT ESL for exactly the same reason.

KARITEK’S EASY LOAD SYSTEM - Couldn’t paddle without one!"

Post updated 
April 5, 2018