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J Cradles or V Cradles?

"J Cradles or V Cradles?" This is a question we are asked all the time, and in most cases the answer is J Cradles.  In general, the side of a kayak is the thickest and strongest point, so carrying the boat on its side is usually the safest option. With plastic kayaks, this is even more important. If you leave your kayak flat on the car roof on a warm summers day, you might just come back to find that the plastic has softened and you now have a couple of indents matching your bars on the bottom of your kayak! Carrying the kayak on its side on a set of J Cradles reduces the risk of this, and we have even heard of some manufacturer's terms and conditions stating that their warranty is void if you do not carry your plastic kayak on its side on a sturdy set of J Cradles!

Our V Cradles are designed to be a safe alternative, as some people prefer to carry their kayak flat for cosmetic reasons, and some kayak shapes simply don't suit being carried on their side.  However, in general, nothing beats a J Cradles for carrying your precious kayak safely!

Post updated 
April 5, 2018